Our Clients Say it Best.

"We’ve found that a corporate account that is already booking our hotels will provide the best opportunity for new business at other Choice properties. Nexus TargetworX helps us capitalize on this opportunity by allowing us to match the account’s needs with our hotel offerings."— Christine Chippindale, Sr. Director Key Accounts & Marketing, Global Sales, Choice Hotels International

"If it's not in Nexus, it didn't happen!"— G. Paul LeBlanc, Warwick International Hotels

"Working with Nexus allows us to efficiently process RFPs and communicate with our hotels teams to better target new business. A feature that stands out with Nexus system is the seamless way to navigate and interface with client tools effortlessly."— Jon Hodges, Senior Director of Global Accounts, Millennium Hotels and Resorts

"Great customer service and user friendly!"— Brenda Mooney, Drury Hotels

"It´s fun exploring all the opportunities within Nexus -  and seeing the results of process enhancements, time saving and performance in our organization. It keeps you hungry for more development in process automation. But what would Nexus be without its great customer support – it´s the people who make the difference! Thank you for your always prompt action and individual support!"— Petra Birk, Director Sales & Marketing Support, Best Western Hotels Germany 

"Being in charge of the global RFP process for 250 Design Hotels™ member hotels worldwide and working with many different types of RFPs, Nexus offers the perfect solution for a holistic approach to manage these requests. Nexus is also our main sales tool and our team uses it daily to extract any data necessary for sales activities related to them. Nexus is also great for database management, tracking and reporting as well as communication both internally and with our member hotels. On top of that their support team is fantastic."— Sofia Hacklin, Senior Manager RFP Programs & Trade Marketing, Design Hotels AG

"My experience with Nexus has been excellent in terms of service and support. The Nexus team was able to be in touch whenever it was required (working around time differences), even at short notice. They were very also helpful with issues that arose during the Consortia RFP process. Once properly trained, the system becomes generally very user friendly and straight forward, allowing me to keep track on RFPs I am responsible for on behalf of our hotel group."— Stefan Fuchs, Senior Sales Manager, Rendezvous Hotels 

"The Nexus suite of products helps us ensure that we can deliver an extensive range of marketing, corporate and consortia RFP opportunities, with the highest quality service to our hotel members. Our member hotels also benefit from using one simple to use interface to store and distribute all of their hotel’s content to the various channels (GDS, websites, booking engine) and consortia and corporate clients that may need this information. Complex processes and data management exercises are all simplified now, for everyone." — Mark Lewis, Managing Director, HotelREZ Ltd


"Hosmark has worked with Nexus for over 5 years. The guys are a pleasure to work with and when we need their help they are always on the end of a phone. Our business is built around our hotels and our clients, Nexus keeps us focused. It delivers the information and the reports we need and fits in with our strategies and processes, helping us to keep our clients updated, informed and happy! Nexus is part of our team!"— Roger Plumpton, Managing Director, Hosmark

"In my experience, the characteristics that define Nexus are integrity, dedication, commitment, responsiveness and collaboration."— Michelle Bearman, WORLDHOTELS

"Nexus is providing us with the best contracting and sales automation solutions for the travel industry as well as an excellent customer service during every phase of the RFP process." — Nicole Bischof, The Living Hotels

"It is a slick product that is a huge time saver."— Judy Stack, Global Distribution Specialist, Omni Hotels & Resorts



14 January 2016 - Sabre completes acquisition of the Trust Group; transaction expands Sabre's hospitality customer base by 30 percent -

Acquisition creates unmatched set of hospitality solutions and services, and expands Sabre's hospitality business in EMEA and Asia Pacifi

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24 November 2015 - Sabre to acquire the Trust Group of Companies - Acquisition to extend Sabre's global leadership in hospitality technology solutions   [ Read more + ]

When you subscribe to Nexus products, you don't just buy into a system, you join the Nexus Community. This valuable network is a group of experienced and knowledgeable team members working collaboratively with clients to reach targets and expand productivity of key.      
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We are happy to announce the 2015 schedule for the Nexus Open Training Sessions.

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Talk to us! We understand. Most of us at Nexus at some time during our careers have walked in our clients' footsteps, so we know the challenges involved in selling hotel rooms. Our goal is to make life easier for hotel sales teams so that sales people can focus on what they do best: selling.
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Geoff Andrew, Managing Director here: I've always been a strong advocate for more transparency in the hotel industry. Typically in our part of the business that would involve pricing transparency or a higher level of visibility into the performance of sales teams. I never imagined that the concept would extend quite so far as a higher level of visibility into guests' bathroom activities. Trendy open-plan bathrooms seem ... [  Read More +  ]