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Nexus launches new web site

"Nexus launches new web site." Not an earth-shattering headline in the great scheme of things is it? Funny things though, web sites. At one level, the goal is simply to create a place that sells your services. But on another level, there is – or should be - something much more complex going on. Think of the care and attention that go into millions of profiles on Facebook or MySpace. Good profiles are a microcosm of people's lives, their interests, opinions and personalities. Those with just a name and location - no photos, no personal details and few friends – don't attract much interest. Too many corporate sites fall into the latter category. The 'old printed brochure' gets uploaded to the web – reams of information, plenty of facts & figures, maybe some pretty pictures, but mostly not addressing questions like 'who are we?', 'what are we like?' and 'why are we in business?' There are probably lots of reasons for this, but I suspect that a primary cause is that many businesses don't know the answers! Which brings me back round to "Nexus launches new web site". It may be a dull announcement, but behind the headline we've spent many hours trying to understand and convey more about who we are and why anyone should bother doing business with us. Whether we've succeeded in that goal or not is for others to decide... I just want to tell you that we've tried! Happy surfing. i6rzpd8mfb

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Mike  B's Gravatar A great site, to match the great new Nexus Technology.
# Posted By Mike B | 2/14/08 6:04 AM