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lumbered with baggage

Three weeks ago I was due to fly out of Heathrow to Denver via Chicago on BA. It was to be the day after Terminal 5 opened for business and I was slightly worried about how smoothly everything would go. Then I found out that the long haul flights were not moving to T5 until June...a lucky escape as it turned out! There was something ironic about being in Denver when I heard about the Heathrow T5 chaos with the lost bags. Those with long memories will remember that in the mid 1990s when Stapleton was being replaced by DIA, the opening of the new airport was delayed for over a year because of a malfunctioning high speed baggage system. It turned 'rogue', chewing up suitcases and spewing them - at high speed - in all directions. After 10 years of problems, the system was finally scrapped in 2005. So how happy I was on arriving in Chicago, en route back to London, to find that one of my bags was still in Denver. It had not been loaded on time and was following on the next flight. Airports. You never win do you?

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