Nexus RFP: Consortia

Manage submissions for all major Travel Agency groups

As participation in most Consortia programs has a price tag, it's imperative to have flexible tools and reporting in place to manage which hotels participate in selected consortia programs, and to know what, if any, add-ons (e.g. marketing options) they may sign for. Nexus RFP: Consortia can manage all this plus generate billing reports for reconciling consortia invoices, and create concise, itemized cost summaries for billing hotels back for their financial contribution.

And that's just the top level work. What about the translating & mapping of each bit & byte of data unique to the individual consortia specifications and the validation of data for each hotel so you only submit your files once? With Nexus RFP: Consortia, we have this covered, too, for almost 30 Consortia/Agency programs worldwide!

Demo Nexus RFP: Consortia

Features at a Glance



Profiles and output modules for all major consortia and travel agencies


Validate data and rates BEFORE output of a file, improving data quality & integrity


A single, centralized rate grid population ensures parity to all consortia


Specialized mapping for Dynamic (BAR) pricing structures


Billing management and invoice reporting

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— Petra Birk, Director Sales & Marketing
Support, Best Western Hotels Germany

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