Nexus RFP: Corporate

Collaboration and accountability.

Most products in the industry provide an effective means to collect hotel profile and rate information, which is then "mapped" to the various RFP formats. But it's what you do with the data beyond responding to the RFP that makes the difference between simply submitting a standard file versus improving your sales year-over-year.

Performance measured is performance improved.

Nexus RFP: Corporate offers a superior level of reporting, so you can track hotel participation in the RFP process and their success in getting accepted to programs. It also enables analysis by sales manager— who are the shining stars that see the solicitations through to the finish? And those valued 3rd party vendors— are you tracking the activity and benefit of your relationship with them?

Renegotiations are also managed within the application, ensuring that a clear audit of the bids and counter-bids are kept on record. How effective is your sales team in the renegotiation process and what are the "hot button" items your clients ask hotels to reconsider?

When a hotel is not included in a program they feel they should be in, Nexus RFP's Target Corporation enables them to present a business case to the regional account manager that will improve their chance of participation. Before the season begins, Nexus RFP: Corporate enables you to survey your hotels for their input, providing you with local intelligence that can be shared with your client and grow your solicitation lists.

Demo Nexus RFP: Corporate


Features at a Glance


NBTA, CWT and Custom output options available


Consolidate all Nexus RFP: Corporate activity in a single tool, including bids from 3rd party vendors


For hotels, Pricing Templates for pre-loading negotiated rate levels


For Account Managers, Bid specific rules ensure that the bid's effective date, rate and black-out date parameters are entered correctly the first time


Bid specific Quality Check reports ensure data completeness and integrity


Renegotiation tool that pinpoints and controls items being re-bid and tracks history


Auto-notifications and messaging systems keep hotels vested in visiting their site


Target Corporations survey for building Hotel solicitation lists

"Working with Nexus allows us
to efficiently process RFPs and
communicate with our hotels teams
to better target new business. A
feature that stands out with Nexus
system is the seamless way to
navigate and interface with client
tools effortlessly.

— Jon Hodges, Senior Director of
Global Accounts, Millennium Hotels
and Resorts


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