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HotelREZ invests in new tool to help independent hotels target corporate clients


HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts, one of the hotel industry’s most innovative representation providers in the market, introduces a new online tool from Nexus, TargetworX, to its portfolio of independent hotels.

Every year hotels around the world compete for corporate business. The “RFP season” as it is known in the industry, involves corporate travel managers sending an RFP (request for proposal) bid to a hotel from a client such as IBM, Vodafone or HSBC. The contracts for these clients can be extremely lucrative for a hotel, but RFP submission can be a daunting process to most hotel managers. Particularly for the independent properties who often lack a dedicated sales manager.

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts currently offers an online tool, REZtoMarket, aimed at simplifying the laborious submission process, which combines the numerous RFP tools that corporate clients use, into one easily accessible and centrally managed RFP tool.

However using an online tool to respond to RFP bids is only one part of the business opportunity; there are many corporate RFPs that a hotel may qualify for, but due to a lack of awareness or oversight from a travel manager, the hotel may not be invited to submit a bid. For most independent hotels, this is sadly where they loose most business to competitors, in particular the bigger chains.

Through its own demand generation team, HotelREZ has always worked hard to identify new corporate business for its member hotels, on top of the RFPs the properties are already invited to; assuring they can play on a level playing field with the chain hotels.

This year, however, the company has decided to take its demand generation even further, by investing in a new tool, TargetworX, from partner Nexus,  which will be used by all its member hotels, at no additional cost.

Josef Lapka, Executive Director Business Operations explains:

“With TargetworX, HotelREZ is now able to propose new potential corporate business to hotel members. For each identified opportunity, hotels are simply asked to answer a set of qualifying questions, allowing them to build a business case as to why they should be invited to submit an RFP.

An additional benefit to hoteliers is the fact that we will present their business case for them, and work on the hotel’s behalf with the corporate programme managers. This means potential additional revenue from the extra corporate business we might be able to secure for them.”

Bjoern Kirchhof, Managing Director for Nexus, also commented:

“TargetworX ensures a fast and efficient communication between a hotel chain or representation company, and its portfolio of properties. It will allow the HotelREZ sales team to easily create compelling business cases for each of its hotel members. Using a wide range of status flags, the application makes sure every property will know in what stage the process is at, and on-screen summaries display how every opportunity is progressing.”





About HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts

HotelREZ was started in 2004 by Mark Lewis, an experienced hospitality industry professional and entrepreneur. Over the course of a decade the company has grown to be one of the leading hotel representation companies dedicated to marketing and connecting independent hotels with bookers worldwide.

For requests and further information you can contact us on (0)20 3598 2243 or email us on 


About Nexus World Services

Nexus World Services is a leader in providing sales management solutions to the hospitality industry and is providing its services to many major hotel chains and groups around the world. Nexus brings together, in one place, an off-the-shelf solution that combines: a Opportunity Management solution (TargetworX™), a Corporate & Consortia RFP application (RFPworX™), a Sales Force Automation system (HotelworX™), a Group Lead generator (GroupworX™), and a Sales Planning tool (ShareworX™); all integrated online to form the most powerful sales system available in the hospitality industry. Founded in 2001, Nexus World Services today is an independent subsidiary of IHS, a group that includes TRUST International Hotel Reservation Services GmbH, InnLink and WORLDHOTELS AG

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