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HotelREZ, one of the world’s largest hotel representation companies with a portfolio of over 1,000 hotels, today announced the launch of its new sales platform, REZtoMarket by HotelREZ. REZtoMarket offers all member hotels a simple way to manage online hotel content, RFP management and marketing program participation. This new service has been developed in partnership with Nexus, a leading provider of sales management solutions to the hospitality industry.

According to HotelREZ Founder and Managing Director, Mark Lewis, REZtoMarket overcomes a number of challenges that typically confront a large and growing group of hotels:

“One of the biggest problems we all face is achieving and maintaining data consistency across multiple channels, especially hotel profile data. Databases have a tendency to multiply resulting in duplicate and often conflicting information. We chose Nexus as our primary content platform because of the high level of validation and control inherent in the system, and because of the ease with which hotels can maintain their information. Having established a single clean source of data we can now upload to the CRS and other onward distribution systems with a much higher degree of confidence that the information is consistent, accurate and complete.”

REZtoMarket also changes the way hotels receive and respond to Corporate and Consortia RFPs and HotelREZ’s own marketing initiatives. Comments Lewis; “This is where Nexus checks the boxes in terms of enhanced revenue generation. It’s vitally important for our hotel members that they have access to as many sales opportunities as possible. Nexus makes it very easy for us to manage the process of inviting hotels to global hotel programs and soliciting participation in various marketing activities, promotions and trade events. And just as importantly, hotels have just one simple system from which to manage their responses back to us and track results.”

Nexus Managing Director, Geoff Andrew says, “Nexus has always had a unique strength in creating customized sales platforms for hotel groups and we’re delighted to see HotelREZ deploy our technology in such an innovative way. Hotels choose representation partners that can deliver results and I’m sure REZtoMarket will play a significant role in establishing a competitive advantage for HotelREZ.”

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