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hotels & the beautiful game

The final occupancy numbers won't be with us for a few weeks, but - surprise, surprise - to quote one African newspaper,'the World Cup has not been the cash cow many expected it to be.' Wow. Hold the front page. How many major international sporting events ever deliver guests at the levels computed in the febrile imaginations of owners and developers? Despite the usual surge in available 4 and 5-star rooms, it seems most fans were happy to settle for converted schools, universities and guest houses. And to make matters worse, Visa's list of big spenders - citizens of England, USA, Australia, France and Brazil - all packed up and decamped fairly early in the proceedings thanks to risible performances on the field....

...talking of which, there seems to be no meaningful correlation between the standard of accommodation enjoyed by the teams and their success in the competition. The French team were accused by a government minister of staying somewhere 'far too flashy', while the Nigerians booked themselves into a Hampton Inn next to an interstate. Both teams were eliminated at the group stage, though presumably the Nigerians will feel the more satisfied of the two: how can you be expected to defeat Argentina with only an 'On the Run Breakfast Bag' for sustenance?

Finally, spare a thought for the England team. Humiliated on the pitch by that footballing powerhouse Algeria, then embarrassingly exposed by Germany, their final ignominy was to have their underwear stolen by members of staff at the team hotel. Should've stayed at a Hampton.

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