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what's in a name?

I see that Hilton has announced a 'new''s... errr....Hilton. I wonder how many late-into-the-night-sessions-with-Corp-ID-consultants it took before they came up with the 'Worldwide' suffix? To be fair, I suppose with one of the most recognised brands in the world (hotels or otherwise) there's only so many variations you can consider without compromising on brand values. (And I do like the new logo, even if it does look like a novel way of arranging a twin-bedded room).

When Utell and Anasazi merged to form REZsolutions back in '98, a journalist asked Anasazi founder Tom Castleberry how long it had taken to come up with the new name."Not long enough" was his succinct response. I'm tempted to offer the same reply when it comes to Nexus. I come across people all the time who think they've heard of us when in fact they have in mind an entirely different Nexus. Us Nexus's offer the world everything from business information to medical services, building alarms and, of course, hotel sales management systems.

This week I added another one to the list. A client sent us an important document via UPS, but unfortunately they addressed it wrongly. Rather than checking back with the client as to the correct address, UPS in its infinite wisdom decided to google an alternative Nexus location (at least I assume this was their methodology based on the outcome). It took a few days to finally ascertain that the document had been delivered to a Docklands-based company called Nexus Range. Of course I went to the website to look for a contact number and - wow - what an interesting organization! I like to think that our own product portfolio is exciting and appealing but I have to concede that the Nexus Range leaves us in a distant second place. I would blush to tell you more so if you're curious do your own UPS-style googling. I can't see any obvious marketing tie-ins between our two Nexus's, but I might just nick their tag line...

Nexus - guaranteed to hit the spot for everyone

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vanessa's Gravatar Curiosity got the better of me so I hit google.... didnt realise Nexus had extended its range of products that far! Loving the new tag line :)
# Posted By vanessa | 9/30/09 3:09 AM
Shirley Perezic's Gravatar Glen - this is priceless! You guys sure "hit the spot" all the time! LOL
# Posted By Shirley Perezic | 10/6/09 12:53 PM