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lessons from a small plant

Forgive me, but I'm coming over all Wordsworthian. Looking out from my office I see a blanket of white snow and ice covering the lawn and flower beds. But thrusting forth from the frozen ground is a flash of's a daffodil! OK, it's not at the 'fluttering and dancing in the breeze' phase, but still - a daffodil in December?

Now if this was a half decent blog I'd write some heart warming stuff about green shoots of spring in the depths of Winter being a metaphor for early signs of life appearing in the barren wastelands of the hotel industry. But I have a hunch that the next overnight frost will kill the daffodil stone dead (not to mention the metaphor). No, the lesson I would prefer to draw from this touching floral phenomenon is the importance of resilience. We press on, not because of some fantasy that Spring will arrive tomorrow, but because that's what we're wired to do. And because we know that even if business does not come bounding back in January, it will eventually as surely as Spring follows Winter.

May we all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year...and a firm hope for 2010 born of resilience.

Here endeth the first lesson...

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