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I've been following the Choice/ Expedia dispute with some interest. Should we applaud Choice's CEO, Steve Joyce, for taking a courageous stance against loss of control of his hotels' rates and inventory? Or sympathise with the laudably pragmatic views of one Choice franchisee who is quoted as saying "I am an independent business person who will likely not survive this loss in sales I will experience while the big boys are having a pissing contest." Well, maybe we have to do both. No one wants to lose business, but then again no hotel should have to accept business at any price. The short term loss of being withdrawn from the site is going to hurt, but the longer-term damage of accepting adverse terms would be even greater.

In a past life I've been through this scenario myself with Expedia. They play hard ball in hard times because they can... and generally they do deliver. But if one supplier has complete control over your sell price down to last room, then where do you find rate parity? In a handbasket, on its way to hell.

The word Expedia is invented but obviously has its roots in 'expedient'. The OED defines expedient as 'convenient and practical although possibly improper or immoral'. That's one Branding company that really fulfilled the brief....

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