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yet another story about banks

One of the most 'interesting' projects of the past few months has been attempting to open a new Nexus bank account in the UK. I won't bore you with the details, or name names, but let's just say that bureaucracy is alive and well even in these turbulent times. You would think the banks would be grateful for every penny they can lay their hands on, wouldn't you? But no, sadly it seems that banks are subject to the same stringent, overbearing checks that plague airport security operations - harrassing the vast majority to guard against the potential threat of a tiny minority. At least in the case of airport security they can claim lives are at stake.

Anyway, after a lengthy catalogue of frustrating meetings & phone calls, unanswered emails, more phone calls, lost paperwork and weekly additions to the 'required information' list, we now finally have the new account open. And now I'm not sure whether it's safe to put our money in it. So the Nexus millions remain hidden under a mattress at a secret London address. (That last bit isn't true...yet...).

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